Why "Spokane Doesn't Suck"?

Because it doesn't. Spokane's fantastic.


The Founder

My name is D.O. and I moved to Spokane in the summer of 2011. For my day job, I work at an e-commerce business. For my night job, I own this one. I enjoy going to concerts, eating cheeseburgers, dancing, eating rice, and my dream job is to be Justin Timberlake. But (spoiler alert) my go-to karaoke song is by Macy Gray. I’m currently on book 5 of the Harry Potter series and am just really loving it. I've been a Teletubby for Halloween twice.

This photo was taken by the Spokesman and is being used as a joke, because… well just look at it. It really is me though.

How did this happen?

In the months leading up to my arriving in Spokane, I did research on the city and asked people about their thoughts on it. Not much of what I read or heard was positive. Shortly after moving here and getting plugged into everyday life, I quickly fell in love with it and slowly became more and more bothered by the negative rhetoric so often associated with Spokane. Thus, Spokane Doesn't Suck was born. And it's not that the best thing I could say about this city is that it doesn't suck. But a shirt that says "Spokane is awesome because it's got an amazing local art scene and new places are constantly opening up and the weather's great and yeah the roads aren't perfect but what city has perfect roads?" wouldn't sell.